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Nice to see you here, you are on "about us" page of getfreeqrcode.com, welcome! In 2020, everyone is in panic, even I'm, meanwhile this tool is crafted because of lockdown - Just kidding.

"Get free QR code" is live since 2020, this tool is used by thousand of business owner and internet users. A tool whose prime focus is to generate free QR code with lifetime validity.

In simple words - this is a free online QR code generator tool, that generates high quality QR codes on anything you want, with customize logo, colors and features. We offer free, unlimited QR codes and with lifetime validity. Here you can generate QR code from link, Location, Email, Text, Phone number, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, Wi-Fi, vCard, PayPal and Bitcoin.

We already done with 10,000,000+ QR codes and keep growing. If you scan a QR code today, chances are it was generated using getfreeqrcode.com. We are already miles ahead, thanks to our users, developer and support team, to make us the most popular free online QR code generator website. The high resolution of the QR codes, error correction level and the powerful design options make us the best free QR code generator on the web that can be used for commercial and print purposes.